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Here We Grow Early Learning

Here We Grow has been providing high quality childcare since opening in 2010. We are a fully licensed daycare center through the department of Early Childhood. Our early learning center specializes in caring for and teaching children preschool aged children from 2 to 5 years old. Our 1500 sq. ft center has large, beautiful spaces designed to support children in learning and playing. Our large fenced in outdoor play area provides space for children to run, dig, and explore.

We are a "child lead" learning center meaning we teach what the children show us or tell us they are interesting in learning. We develop monthly themes based on this and explore the themes until the children have learned what they wanted to know. Regular document is done and displayed in the center, as well as, we have a closed family member Facebook group which is regularly updated with pictures and information. Families also receive a monthly daycare newsletter.  

Literacy skills are taught using the Jolly Phonics system of sounds and letter recognition. We do daily arts & crafts, story time, songs, weather, small and large motor skill activities, group and individual activities. We believe it is important to foster a strong sense of community so we take the children on regular outings within our village to the post office, library, fire hall and local parks. We spend an average of two hours/day outside as recommended by the Department of Early Childhood. We have a weekly music class for young children taught by a registered Kindermusik teacher and have regular sign language for young children classes taught by a licensed Smart Hands instructor. Our days are filled with fun and learning.

Here We Grow Youth Centre

In July 2013, Here We Grow opened a second location for school aged children in SMS / JMA Armstrong High School. This allowed us to separate our age groups by making Here We Grow Early Learning Center into a preschool aged center and the Here We Grow Youth Center for children aged 5-13 years old, therefore meeting the needs of our community by creating more daycare spaces. 

We are located in the library with our own classroom within that space. We have our own access door directly into the daycare making pick up and drop off easy. We have full access to the school gym and equipment, theater for special events and activities, school computer lab, library, cafeteria, school playgrounds and we are centrally located within the village close to basketball courts, football field, community pool, parks and more. Our program includes monthly themes, arts & crafts, group activities, homework support, summer swimming lessons and field trips within the community to foster a strong community connection. 

Why us?

Our staff has a love and understanding of young children. We support the needs of our families & work together to create the best possible care of our children.

We are trained in Early Childhood Education, NB Curriculum, 1st aid and infant/child CPR. Education and training is updated every yearly.

At Here We Grow, our curriculum is influenced by Reggio Emilia, which is described as student-centred, self-directed, experimental learning, which views children as competent, capable, curious, and full of potential. It is important at our centres that the children's desires are met to connect with the world, and to develop meaningful relationships with others.

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