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Our Team

Our team at Here We Grow have been carefully selected based on their childhood experience, education, and love for children. All staff members are certified in Saint John Ambulance First Aid, infant/child CPR, have their Early Childhood Degree, and/or have completed the New Brunswick Early Childhood Curriculum training. Our staff is committed to ongoing professional development, and commit to a minimum of 12 hours of continued education per year.

Jennifer Edgett

Jennifer moved to Salisbury from Moncton 15 years ago. She began looking after children in her home in 2002 while raising her own children. In 2006 Jennifer returned to school and obtained her Early Childhood Education degree graduating with honours. Jennifer has past experience working with special needs children and Respite Care and facilitating for ECCENB. She is certified in the NB Curriculum training, NB Food Safety Course, Each Child Matters Inclusion Training and Infant & Child CPR and AED and first aid. After many years of working towards opening a registered center, Here We Grow Early Learning Center opened in April 2010 and Here We Grow Youth Center opened in 2013. Jennifer has a true love of education and working with young children. She works with children at both the early learning and youth center of all ages. It is her goal to provide quality early learning and childcare to all the Here We Grow children and their families.

Laura Sleep

Laura grew up in Moncton and moved to Salisbury in 2013, where she currently lives. She began working in the early childhood field in 2011, and has experience working with children ranging from infant to school age. Laura met and worked with many young children of all ages, especially during their preschool years. Laura gives many hours to volunteering , working with young children including coaching basketball and soccer. Her educational background includes completing her early childhood degree, New Brunswick curriculum training, Kindergarten readiness program, Enfant and Child CPR and first aid, and numerous other early childhood courses.

Tiffany Gladstone

Tiffany graduated from JMA high school in 2003. During her grade 12 year she participated in the Co-op education program where she did a

placement at the Salisbury Early Learning Center, formerly the Hundred Acre Woods Daycare. After graduation Tiffany continued her employment there until she left in 2010 to begin working at Here We Grow. Tiffany has thirteen years of experience in the early childhood field. She has completed multiple courses in Early Learning including Braiding for Resources and Ichers and Eters, Each Child Matters Inclusion training and Positive Parenting for Educators. She is certified in the NB Curriculum training and infant & child CPR and first aid and obtained her early childhood degree through the Stratford Institute distance education program in 2011. Tiffany works with children at both our early learning and youth center, focusing on programming for our three/four year olds and children grades 3 to 7. Tiffany has natural love for young children and they feel the same way about her.

Jaimie Steeves

Jaimie grew up in Moncton and moved to Salisbury four years ago. She began her early childhood career at the YMCA daycare in Moncton where she worked for three years with preschool aged children and quickly realized she loved working with young children. When she relocated to Salisbury she worked at the Early Learning Center from 2011-2015 with children of all ages. In October of 2015 Jaimie joined the staff at Here We Grow as an educator with after school aged children and currently is our two year old teacher. Jaimie has completed her NB Curriculum training, Positive Parenting for educators and is trained in child/infant CPR and AED and first aid. Jaimie has two daughters, ages 9 and 5 years old.

Lindsay Jones

indsay was raised in Port Elgin and is a graduate of Tantramar High School. Lindsay has always loved children and moved to Mirimichi in 2008

to attend NBCC where she pursued her Early Childhood degree, which she completed in 2010. Upon graduation Lindsay began working at a registered center in Mirimichi until she decided to relocate to the Moncton area in 2013 to be closer to her family and join the Here We Grow team. Lindsay has vast early childhood experience, working with children of all ages, from infant to after school. She is certified in the New Brunswick Curriculum and St. John Ambulance Infant and Child first aid, CPR and AED. Lindsay has completed many certifications in the early childhood field such as speech sound development, vocabulary development, ITERS:ECERS, Ooey Gooey Workshop, Positive Parenting for Educators and has her National Food Safety Training. Lindsay works at both our early learning center teaching preschool and the youth center with the children ages kindergarten to grade two.

Alyssa Randall

Alyssa grew up in Riverview and relocated to Salisbury in 2014 whereshe lives with her husband and two daughters ages one and six. Alyssa has a natural love for children and desire to pursue a career in the early childhood field. She past work experience working in management and is educated in nursing focusing on seniors & children. Alyssa joined Here We Grow in the fall of 2015. She is trained in infant and child CPR and AED and first aid, NB Food Safety course and is beginning her NB curriculum training in the winter of 2016. Alyssa works at both the early learning with all ages and the youth center focusing on programming for the children in Kindergarten to grade 2.                        

Brittany Purdy

Brittany moved to Salisbury in 2008 and is formerly from Nova Scotia. Brittany has past experience working with children and adults of all ages through working at group homes, senior’s homes and youth with individual needs, she has two years teaching experience in Montessori schools and has her Human Service Counsellor course through NSCC. Brittany also has completed the NB Curriculum training and “Each Child Matters” Inclusion Training and has her child & infant CPR and EAD and first aid training. She began working at Here We Grow in August 2015. She works with the two years at the early learning center and all age groups at the youth center.

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