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Both our early learning centre and our youth centre are centrally located in the heart of Salisbury, offering tons of off-site playspaces for our centres to utilize. We make regular trips to our local library, lions club, community gardening, bakery, and play parks. One of our favourite places to visit is Highland Park, which offers a natural playground, splash-pad, nature trails, walking path, access to the beautiful Petticodiac River, and an up close experience with our local wetlands, where we get to observe our neighbourhood bald eagles. We also schedule community guest speakers that visit our centre such as, the fire department & veterans, we promote health and wellness by providing a monthly dance & yoga class, and we promote healthy eating habits by growing fresh fruits and vegetables 


Learning through nature is an invaluable part of our program. Play-based and child led activities encourages children to test their physical and cognitive limits, while encouraging a sense of belonging in our community. 


Our centres offers a natural light environment from our large windows, which allows some of the gorgeous outside to be inside. Our classrooms are very spacious, providing ample play space, with designated areas for sensory play, reading centres, building centre, learning stories, loose parts, dramatic play, and science centres. 

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